Why Use TransCart?

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Some of the benefits of using the TransCart are:

Labor Savings

The need for nursing personnel is at an all time high, while the supply is inadequate to meet the current demand.  The TransCart helps to solve part of your personnel problem by easily moving patients and luggage together.  The TransCart is engineered so that only one nurse or staff member is necessary to move a patient which translates to saving tens of thousands of dollars in costs for hospitals and medical facilities.

Injury Prevention

The TransCart reduces the occurrence of wrist, ankle and back injuries to personnel who currently push a wheelchair with one hand while dragging a luggage cart with another.  These common injuries can cost your hospital thousands of dollars in disability payments from just one occurrence.  The TransCart is six inches shorter than a wheelchair and utility cart when placed end to end.  It combines the functions of two pieces of equipment into one high-tech performance vehicle.

Loss Prevention

According to the American Hospital Association, 25% of all folding wheelchairs are lost to inventory each year.  The TransCart eliminates this loss.  Because it is a non-collapsible, it makes is much less likely to be removed.


Wheelchairs need to be replaced every one to two years due to wear and tear, but the TransCart can last for 10 years and as a result will pay for itself very quickly by reducing your rolling stock purchases.  Maintenance on the TransCart, over a 5-year period, is estimated to be between $250 and $500.


The TransCart is able to transport children and adults, alike. Because the seating area is wider than the wheelchair, it can accommodate bariatric patients and has been tested with weight up to 900 lbs.  It glides on high performance wheels with stainless steel ball bearings which require only minimum force for propulsion.  The TransCart provides a safe and efficient transportation experience for both personnel and patients.

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